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VC Robotics OLP 4

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You don't have to be a robot

VC OLP 4.8 sports a modern user-friendly interface designed specifically for humans.

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VC OLP is the #1 parametric and feature-based offline programming software for welding robots.

        IT'S FAST!

Don't Waste Time Programming

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Turn weeks into minutes.  Professionals program faster with VC, fully utilizing the incredible breadth of welding functionality.

Every day, our customers benefit from getting a program to the machine more quickly than ever before.

Companies are switching to Mach Machines
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Mach Machines is the premier supplier of offline robotic welding programming software in the US.

We hope to share our vision of the future of welding with all fabricators: create welding programs in minutes not weeks. 


Let us help. As more and more companies inevitably switch to programming their welding robots with offline software rather than teach pendants, Mach Machines is here as a resource to help make that transition easy.

Most efficient robot simulation and programming software
What makes VC Robotics OLP great?


Weld Paths

Delfoi recognizes weld seams automatically from the model, clicking applies all the weld parameters and search methodology from the user-defined table in one click.

VC OLP Supports All Major Robot Brands

over 1500 models supported

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Seamless Engineering Integration

Bring Parts in Directly from CAD

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Available 3D CAD Formats:

  • STEP

  • SolidWorks

  • Inventor

  • ProE / Creo

  • IGES


  • STL

  • 3D Studio (*.3ds)


  • ASCII Point Cloud file (*.xyz, *.pts, *.xyzrgb)

  • Binary point cloud point (*.bxyz)

  • Igrip/Quest/VNC geometry

  • ASCII Stereo Lithography (*.stl)

  • VMRL 1 & 2 (*.vrml, *,wrl)

  • Tekla

  • OpenNurbs - Rhino

  • Medusa 3D


  • Matra EUCLID 3, Straessle EUKLID

  • I-DEAS



  • Sketchup (*.skp)

Sophisticated Production-Ready Software

Don't settle for inadequate code or archaic software design.

Delfoi supplies the most modern code to the latest CNC control versions, such as arc moves rather than hundreds of linear moves.

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  • Smooth motion

  • Correct circular movement and code

  • Smaller program

  • Less error, better welds

Linear Moves.jpg
  • Choppy motion

  • Linear code inefficient for circular movements

  • Unecessarily large program

  • More points of error


Next Level Multipass

Add passes and offset for multi-pass welds.

VC OLP let's you easily rearrange program order for heat management.

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Multi-Robot Cells

VC Robotics solves complex synchronous multi-robot motion and produces a single program.  No sync issues or downtime for calibration or touch-ups due to multiple different programs.

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Ready When You Are

Join the hundreds of companies switching to VC Robotics OLP for their offline solution to robotic welding programming.

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