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PLAN like a PRO

Delfoi Planner


Delfoi Planner is a transparent, web- and cloud-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software which uniquely includes manufacturing execution (MES) and capacity forecasting (SOP) capability. The advanced planning and scheduling software is well suited for discrete and project type manufacturing, service, and maintenance operations.

Get confidence in your schedule

Know when you can deliver. 

Confidently live up to those promises.


Delfoi Planner can easily be integrated into ERP systems using robust and proven interfaces. The most significant benefits for utilizing Delfoi Planner are drastically reduced planning time, lead time, and ease of use.

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Built-in support for REST-API​

  • Open REST (.json) application interface for partners, integrators, and advanced customers.

Delfoi Planner has certified integration with Oracle NetSuite ERP software

Mach Machines offers consulting services to integrate to any other system of your choice.



cut LEAd times in half

Short lead times allow businesses to be flexible and creative, prevent lost business, and increase cash flow.


Plan in a third of the time

Drag-and-drop scheduling combined with automated optimization enables the user to plan even complex business workflows incredibly fast.


Easy ACcess

Plan, schedule, and observe from any browser.

Know what's going on in your business. 


Manage like you mean it

Sometimes decisions made don't manifest the way we intend.  Keep accountable with data-driven visibility of production.

Proven benefits for your organization:

  • Shortens lead times by 50%, improves delivery accuracy from 60 to 95%, with less inventory and faster delivery, minimizes WIP and inventory by 20-30%, increases capacity by 25-50%.

  • Decreases planning time to 1/3, provides on-line/real-time visibility, easier change management, longer and more accurate planning horizon.

  • Best user interface in the market: Delfoi Planner is considered the most user friendly and easy to use solution on the market. The application is very intuitive to use and the system set-up and configuration is very fast and easy for advanced admin users.

  • Integrates advanced planning and scheduling, project planning, and shop floor user interface seamlessly in one solution. This enables real-time transparency for planning and accountability for execution.

  • Native web-solution. The web-based solution ensures easy access, transparency of planning and lower software life cycle costs. Delfoi Planner can be provided from Delfoi’s cloud with TSL/SSL-security, back-up and replication services. Delfoi Planner SaaS makes implementation, training and testing cost efficient, easy and fast.


The visual Gantt chart allows for easy planning by using drag-and-drop functionality. The software includes a range of advanced scheduling algorithms for optimizing the production. While planning, one can always utilize synchronized and up-to-date manufacturing data. Compared to legacy systems, like MS Excel, with Delfoi Planner a new plan is ready in minutes instead of hours.

Delfoi’s advanced scheduling software can dramatically reduce production lead times, minimize work in progress and improve delivery accuracy. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy, and it enhances transparency of planning between production units and sales departments, and other interest groups of the company – globally.


  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Delfoi Planner offers a solution for scheduling and optimizing production orders. Changing a schedule is fast and easy with several options for timing orders with backward and forward scheduling and with easy drag-and-drop functions in the Gantt chart. Planner can re-schedule a single operation, selected production orders or execute full optimization. Concurrent planners can work simultaneously with a plan.

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Delfoi Planner offers a simplified shop-floor user interface for confirming and reporting operations. Work instructions, quantity and other production notes can be viewed and reported through the digital work orders. Mobile MES interface is supported in Android, Windows and iOS tablet and smartphones.

  • HR-planning and KPI-reporting

Delfoi Planner includes HR-planning (skills, shifts, availability, planning and monitoring) and KPI reporting (lead time, WIP, delivery accuracy, planned vs actual, quantity, utilization)

  • Sales & Operations Planning (SOP)

Delfoi Planner’s SOP module enables flexible and transparent capacity forecast planning between sales and production. Forecast capacity planning, rough cut capacity planning and finite capacity planning with shop floor control are uniquely combined within the same software.

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