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Why Mach Machines?

Our team members have visited fabrication shops and provided complex manufacturing solutions for the past decade, but we still walked away with one major observation:
All other CNC equipment is running hyper-efficiently (Laser cutting, Routers, Mills, Lathes, etc) except for welding robotsWhy?  We realized most companies had modern tools to program their other CNC equipment but relied on archaic manual approaches to program welding robots.  How do decisions like this get made?

We saw what was missing.  Robotics companies often provide only part of the solution of automating a welded product and require substantial intervention on the customer's behalf.  Mach Machines is unique as a single-source provider of hardware, software, engineering design, robotic integration, and supporting services to empower companies with state-of-the-art tools to program by themselves and fully utilize their own equipment rather than relying on integrators for programming.

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